The Manor is located a few minutes away from La Roche Bernard, the smallest parish of France, and beautifull cite de caractere (this means an exceptional little city having a particular charm).

Very attractive,the city of La Roche Bernard is known by its little harbour on the vilaine river, a few kilometers away from Arzal dam through which one can access the Ocean.

A nice place where beautifull treks are numerous.

La Roche Bernard harbour

But today I'm inviting you to cruise on the Villaine river with the yellow Boats

Yellow boats

A very good way to discover La Roche Bernard and its bridges differently.

Old bridge

And discover the Vilaine river the best way possible

Villaine Coast

Up to Arzal Dam and its lock giving access to the ocean

Arzal dam

A very nice journey

On you way back don't forget to visit the center of La Roche Bernard and its craft men (glass blower, wood working, ceramics...).

La Roche center

La Roche is a very nice town with an easy going atmospher, where time does not appear to be important.