Le france

Not far away from Le Domaine de Bodeuc we have at our disposal several industrial sites very interesting to visit for adults, and who knows, a good source of inspiration for kids looking for their future carrier.....

Airbus Industries : In Saint Nazaire, visit the assembly line of the A380. Be careful the site beeing classified, you need to communicate your ID card or passeport, and there is a delay of 3 days for European citizens, and a week for non Europeans.

Les Chantiers de L'Atlantique: In Saint Nazaire, again huge construction, how thos geants of the seas are build. Very interesting as at the moment two ships are under construction.

The printing factory of the newspaper Ouest France : In Rennes, very interesting to discover how a newspaper is issued.

Morbreizh brewing house: in Vannes the thursday and Friday at 16 PM. How biers are produced, testing of the 5 different biers produced.