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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Did you ever think about industrial tourism?

Le france

Not far away from Le Domaine de Bodeuc we have at our disposal several industrial sites very interesting to visit for adults, and who knows, a good source of inspiration for kids looking for their future carrier.....

Airbus Industries : In Saint Nazaire, visit the assembly line of the A380. Be careful the site beeing classified, you need to communicate your ID card or passeport, and there is a delay of 3 days for European citizens, and a week for non Europeans.

Les Chantiers de L'Atlantique: In Saint Nazaire, again huge construction, how thos geants of the seas are build. Very interesting as at the moment two ships are under construction.

The printing factory of the newspaper Ouest France : In Rennes, very interesting to discover how a newspaper is issued.

Morbreizh brewing house: in Vannes the thursday and Friday at 16 PM. How biers are produced, testing of the 5 different biers produced.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

10 Day visit arount the Domaine de Bodeuc

Day 1 : Guérande / visit of saltings (terre de sel) / The wild coast between La turbale and Piriac sur mer

Day 2 : The Brière / sailing on the second largest swamp of France / La baule and its baie / Saint nazaire Airbus factory visit or geant boat construction site / suspension bridge

Day 3 : Le Guerno / Templar church / Branféré parc, Nicolat Hulot foundation/ Rochefort en Terre.

Day 4 : La Roche Bernard / Ocean walk at Pen Lan / Visit of Vannes

Day 5 : Discovering l'île aux Moines , ferry at Port Blanc

Day 6 : Carnac and its Menhirs / Presqu'île de Quiberon

Day 7 : Nantes / Castle / Old town / Biscuit factory Lu / Geant Elephants

Day 8 : Redon / trek on Redon to Renne channel

Jour 9 : Sea Fishing day, or Golf at La Breteche

Jour 10 : Quiet day by our swimming pool :)

And you will not have seen half of our tresors (all of this at max 70 kilometers)... Josselin, La Chapelle d'Auray, Belle île en Mer, La gacilly... for your next visit perhaps? :)

Sunday 15 January 2012

A creperie at La Roche Bernard?

We particularly like the Creperie La Sarrasine. Welcome always pleasant, the owners are doing their best to please everybody. They like their job, and they succeed in doing it well. And by the way their pancakes are delicious!

La Sarrasine

Genre : Crêperie Budget : 15-30€ Adresse : 1, place du Marchix 56130 La Roche Bernard Téléphone : 02 99 90 77 44

A nice familly day to the parc of Branfere, and a visit of the town of Rochefort en terre

This a nice program for a day long visit which will please olders and youngsters.

Leaving the Manor, take the direction of Le Guerno Branfere. Half an hour to reach this animals sanctuary created by Nicolas Hulot a well known TV producer. Animals are kept in very good conditions, the landscape is nice, the walk is very pleasant in this magnificiant parc.

Semi freedom for animals

Just fun!

Don't miss the bird show, very impressive. (every 2 hours) An exceptional choregraphy of birds of different kind, that you can even touch when they walk around the people.

The bird show

There is even a space with small goats where young kids can play and touch the animals.

Baby and goat :)

And for the olders an acrobatic path in nets at the top of trees.

To eat there is not very interesting. Why not taking this opportunity to visit the small village of Le Guerno, few minutes ago from Branfere, where you will find the small templar church interesting. A lunch at the Creperie La Gargouille, where we always have been very pleased to be.

Then you can carry on driving to Rochefort en Terre, very nice town from midle age with a lot of old streets to visit, and handcrafts to be bought.

A day without the Ocean, but you will not regret it!

A day visit on an Island? Vannes and l'Ile aux Moines

Twenty minutes away from the Manor, the visit of Vannes is a must do!

For the most technically advanced, you can download a guided tour in you smartphone (available in English).

For the other one, the small train that you can catch down in the harbour, is a good way to discover Vannes and allow you to choose the places you want to spend time later.

Vannes a middle aged town Walking in this old town with numerous shop banners from midle age is a real pleasure.

old shop banner

For the one who can, you should not miss the wednesday morning market, so much things to see.

You will then take the road to Baden, Port Blanc, where you will take the boat to L'ile aux Moines. The journey is easy and fast.

There is a boat leaving every 15 minutes, a nice and short cruise, and here you are!

L'ile aux moine Harbour

Then you will discover a very different atmospher on the island, even mediterranean trees, there is a warmer temperature on the island, thanks to the protection of Morbihan golfe.

A swim? A walk? A little creperie in the only one town of the island? or some oisters directly bought from the producers? Take your time and don't miss any of the pleasure of this unique location.


A visit to La Roche Bernard, and a cruise on the Vilaine river

The Manor is located a few minutes away from La Roche Bernard, the smallest parish of France, and beautifull cite de caractere (this means an exceptional little city having a particular charm).

Very attractive,the city of La Roche Bernard is known by its little harbour on the vilaine river, a few kilometers away from Arzal dam through which one can access the Ocean.

A nice place where beautifull treks are numerous.

La Roche Bernard harbour

But today I'm inviting you to cruise on the Villaine river with the yellow Boats

Yellow boats

A very good way to discover La Roche Bernard and its bridges differently.

Old bridge

And discover the Vilaine river the best way possible

Villaine Coast

Up to Arzal Dam and its lock giving access to the ocean

Arzal dam

A very nice journey

On you way back don't forget to visit the center of La Roche Bernard and its craft men (glass blower, wood working, ceramics...).

La Roche center

La Roche is a very nice town with an easy going atmospher, where time does not appear to be important.

Saturday 3 December 2011

A day visit, to Guerande, then along the wild cost from Le Croisic to Piriac

This is a great program for a day long visit. A full day filled with culture and unforgetable landscape. This is one of our prefered journey from the manor. When leaving the hotel go direction to La Baule then follow Guerande. As an old fortified city, Guerande offers multiple interests.

les remparts de Guérande

With a big touristic population, Guerande is very active during summer.

Rues piétonnes de Guérande

In the town center, we recommend to eat an ice cream at la Fraiseraie, our prefered ice cream shop...

Le centre de Guérande

Then take the road to Turballe (carte)

Take your time, between Le Croisic and Piriac the scenery coast is just unique. A walk or a bycicle ride along the cost paths, a picnic with a breathtaking view on the ocean, or a bath in the multiple preserved creeks. Make this day unique and appreciate it as much as we do.

The wild coast

Sunday 27 November 2011

A walk around Pen Lan

This is one of our prefered walk, 20 minutes away from Domaine de Bodeuc. On the express way from la Roche Bernard en route to Vannes, exit at Billiers, and follow billiers, then Pen Lan. A wild landscape, where one can discover a 360º on the Ocean and the Villaine river. One can walk around the peninsula, follow the coast path (where some Menhirs can be seen), and enjoy the atmosphere of this wild and protected coast. A very nice treck for nature and ocean lovers. Later you could stop at the domaine of Rochevillaine for a coffee (a very nice 4* Hotel with a panoramic view) or more simply for some mussels at the Bistrot du Port.

Pen Lan


Saturday 26 November 2011

A restaurant we like very much in Vannes.....

We really like this small restaurant of 30 seats (therefore this is better to book in advance), located in Vannes harbour. This is easy to park in the harbour parking.

RIVE GAUCHE Budget : 15-30€/ Menu 14€ (lunch), 22€ (evening) The chef : Stéphane Berrigaud Adress : 5, place Gambetta 56000 Vannes Phone : 02 97 47 02 40

The owner, very pleasant, is doing welcoming and waiter. His cooking is original, fresh and following seasons, but still remain in the French tradition of small bistrots. Better not to be in a hurry to appreciate this authentic small French restaurant.

The restaurant Rive Gauche

The Menu of Yesterday What a wonderfull idea to prepare nems with Sardines....

The menu of yesterday

The owner discussing with a customer

The owner

Thursday 10 November 2011

La Baule, registered by the very select club of most beautiful baies of the world in London!

Yesterday the club of the most beautiful baies in the worls selectel La Baule as a part of their portfolio. Today, 33 baies are selected around the world, the Mont saint michel being one of them. A very nice success for La Baule!La Baule beach

Sunday 6 November 2011

Welcome on our new Blog, around the manor!!

Hi, Everybody!

I’m happy to introduce this new blog related to the hotel Domaine de Bodeuc at La Roche Bernard. It is a complement to the Facebook page we created which is dedicated to the activities and events related to the hotel itself.

The idea is to keep you informed about what is happening around the manor.

What are the things we love around, and that we would like you to discover during your stay, or while reading this blog.

We want to share the places we like, the people, the craftsmen of our countryside, the local fest, the restaurants, museums, anything of interest related to our beautiful area.

I hope this blog will be helpful during your visit of our region, and don’t hesitate to comment, we will be listening to you wishing to get better and better! See you there!!!